Schools Orienteering

Orienteering in schools is wonderful for children as it encourages map reading and decision-making. It’s also a great way of getting children active.

We work with primary and secondary schools, both locally and around the UK. Our orienteering for schools courses are in-line with the National Curriculum.

We can come to your school, but we also provide orienteering coaching for children from our base in Epping Forest.

In addition to providing orienteering experiences for children, we also offer training courses for teachers.

With the help of modern technology, orienteering has advanced massively. We use electronic equipment to teach with, which makes orienteering more exciting and interactive for children.

Orienteering in schools

To help you teach orienteering in schools, we offer everything you need to get started.

1. Mapping. We can create an orienteering map of your school and grounds. This will be presented on a CD with lesson plans, games and activities plus the software used to edit the control locations.
2. Permanent plaques. To make it easier to teach orienteering, we recommend that you install a series of metal plaques around your site. We can advise on the locations and also install the plaques.
3. The Outdoor Classroom iPad app and web portal. If your school is using iPads and iPhones then you will be eligible for our outdoor learning app. Full details can be found here
4. Training courses. Josh Jenner is a qualified orienteering instructor and runs training courses throughout the year from Epping Forest and around the country.
5. After-school training. This is an informal version of no.4 and can take place on a school site. It involves demonstrating some lessons and games, in order to give the teachers confidence to start teaching orienteering.



6. Orienteering coaching. We can provide coaching for any size group for a half or full day.

Orienteering courses for children in Epping Forest

We offer full or half day orienteering experiences for children of all ages.

Our packages include:

  • Forest Adventure – Key Stage 1
  • Nature & Navigation – Key Stage 2/3
  • Orienteering Challenge – Key Stage 2/3
  • GCSE Orienteering – Key Stage 4

Click for more information about these orienteering coaching packages for children.